History of the de Stacpoole Family

Writing in a catholic magazine in 1833 (Venerable) Bishop Gradwell refers to a certain painting commissioned by the Marquis de Stacpoole (who later became the 1st Duke in 1830 given by Gregory XV1) by the artist Gavalleri, considered then to be the best Italian artist of that time, Gradwell a Monsignor then presents the two family’s lady Teresa Dease and her daughters Julie Anne & Elizabeth Tulloch (1st Duchess de Stacpoole) to Pope Leo X11 (Della-Annabel) in St Peters on the 18th June. 1828 This was the first reception of this kind His Holiness condescended to sit for the portrait, and to receive the ladies.

Gavalleri flattered himself that this painting would considerably contribute to establish his credit and make his fortune, but what was of great importance to him that it induced the pope to give more sittings (four to be exact).

Viscount Richard de Stacpoole, was given the Order of St Gregory, and was created Marquis by Pope Leo X11 1828 for services rendered to the church, (He spent £40,000 to rebuild “St Paul’s without the walls” and also repaired the main bridge over the Tiber and the restoration of the fountains which had been out of action, since Napoleonic times 1927).

Richard Marquis de Stacpoole the elder son of the Duke and Duchess de Stacpoole was also being presented to the Pope (in 1833 Richard inherited the painting).

The man in Uniform behind Richard was his man servant (Name unknown). The young figure behind the pope holding the cross is Cardinal Wiseman who was a friend of the familly.1850 Became Arch Bishop of Westminster (Also was vice principle of the English College in Rome.) Introducing the family is Monsignor Gradwell (head of the English college in Rome).

Richard was created a Viscount by Louis XV111 1826 and a Papal Marquis created by Leo X11 1828 then a Papal Duke by Gregory XV1 1830. Richard 1st Duke de Stacpoole born 16th August 1796 Died July 1848. Elizabeth Tulloch wife of Richard died 14th June 1867.

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